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Among school-related factors, teachers matter most. We bring the traditional classroom to the Internet.

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We believe that the role of the teacher is central to student experience and success. That is why we choose to focus on synchronous (live) learning, taking the best elements from the traditional classroom and adapting them to the online environment.

At eTeacher Group, we specialize in developing schools and course material to suit an international audience. With our industry-leading infrastructure, we currently run 5 online schools in 9 languages and had over 40,000 students in 2020 alone.

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eTeacher Group has extensive experience in building STEAM education and language instruction online schools. Our courses are led by professional teachers, who interact in real-time with their pupils.

We teach kids and teens coding and digital art, helping them shift from being online consumers to become digital creators.

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Langaroo offers children aged 5 to 11 private online English lessons with certified, native-speaking English teachers.

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We teach adults real-world English, that can be applied in every aspect of their life with qualified, native English teachers.

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The Rosen School of Hebrew combines linguistic expertise with Israeli culture, using the immersive “Hebrew in Hebrew” learning method.

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We empower students to gain a deeper understanding of Scripture by studying the original languages the Bible was written in - Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

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All our employees work together to achieve one purpose: to empower our students with quality education.

Because we have many products and schools offered in different languages, our daily work is versatile and dynamic. This common drive and active working environment fuse together into a company culture where victories are celebrated and mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn.

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Why synchronous learning?

February 25, 2021

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The eTeacher Way

September 12, 2020

eTeacher Group Sales Force

eTeacher Group Sales Force

September 1, 2020

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