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We’re dedicated to shaping the future of online learning, through a diverse range of courses and methodologies that cater to every learner's needs. Our schools empower future digital creators, open doors to global English markets, unlock the potential of Bible enthusiasts, and offer a unique proposition in the realm of Jewish studies. Join us on a transformative journey set to fuel innovation and foster growth.

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Re-igniting a New Spiritual Journey of Discovery

Bible enthusiasts get to read Holy Scripture in its purest form which got lost through centuries of translation, with the help of our Biblical Languages and Jewish Studies.

Students discover the treasures of Biblical and historical culture previously reserved only for Bible Scholars. With our modern technological platform, they get access to age-old wisdom and ancient Bible secrets in small group lessons.

The best Bible experts and a supportive community make our live courses available to anyone anywhere in the world. Students can receive accreditation from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Biblical Languages:

Biblical Hebrew     Biblical Greek     Biblical Aramaic     Modern Hebrew


Jewish and Biblical Studies:

Holy Land Studies    Biblical Studies    Jewish Studies

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Rosen School of Hebrew

Advanced Technology Meets Innovative Educational Methodology

We offer a new way for learners to connect with the history and culture of Israel through our modern Hebrew courses.

Our decades long proven methodology of teaching Hebrew using immersive language techniques has produced thousands of graduates able to speak, write, and read Hebrew fluently. It also includes academic accreditation from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Under the guidance of certified teachers, a supportive online community, and rich educational content, students connect to live classes from the comfort of their home in real time.


Modern Hebrew     Israel Studies     Hebrew for Kids

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Israel Bible Center

The largest library of courses in Jewish Studies for Christians

Our subscription service caters to the Bible scholar who wishes to study Jewish context and culture on an academic level where they will receive a certificate in under a year.

Through a wide offering of courses, roundtable discussions, podcasts, and a digital magazine, we cover a variety of topics around Jewish history, culture, and Scripture.

The curriculum is designed especially for Christians who want to discover the Jewish background of their faith. Our study materials are prepared in collaboration with internationally renowned scholars who represent top universities across the globe.



+60 Courses     Podcasts     Roundtables     Magazines

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Tekkie Uni

The Home of Education, Technology, and Innovation

Nurturing the workforce of the future requires a proactive approach, and Tekkie Uni offers coding and creative courses for kids strategically developed to transform them into digital creators.

Our interactive approach to teaching transcends traditional methods. Through immersive techniques, students gain hands-on experience learning the most relevant digital skills. Our interactive class environment includes role-play of real-world scenarios such as coding projects, keeping kids motivated.

We engage students through live lessons, guided by experienced instructors where kids learn and grow together in small groups.


Ai     App Development      Java Script      Python     Scratch     Robotics     Video Creator     Animation

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Discovering The World Through English

Our Private English lessons for kids use a winning strategy that gives learners individual attention tailored to their needs. This, combined with immersive instruction keeps them engaged. Through our partnership with National Geographic Learning we provide unique content that makes students fall in love with English.

We’ve taken a dynamic approach to ensure our courses prepare kids for the world of tomorrow as they aspire to improve their studies.

With the help of Native English teachers, learners can speak, write, and read with proficiency, using storytelling, songs, videos, and games.


English for Kids: Ages 7 to 12     English for Youth: Ages 13 to 17

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