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20 years ago, we saw the signs for educational transformation. Technology was changing – impacting many professions with education being one of them. We were excited to be a part of this emerging landscape.

Over the past two decades, there have been failures and successes that we have learned from. This has brought us to where we are today: a global team of more than 850 employees, thousands of alumni and returning students.

One of the most important lessons learned is that combining a small classroom approach with the dynamic nature of online education brings real results. Through in-depth market research, we translate our programs and courses into 9 languages. By adapting content to cultures and offering small teacher-led classes, we guide the student on their journey to success.

We have built a solid foundation that enables growth across our various schools, our employees and, ultimately, our students. Our vision is to expand our business through collaboration with ed-tech professionals and developing new schools.

Education is powerful. Learning new skills never stops. Knowledge works best when put into practice.


Yariv and Boaz

Here’s how we’ve done it


A new adventure

Two brothers, Yariv and Boaz Binnun, left their jobs in the media and technology industries and formed eTeacher Group.


K-12 tutoring goes online

We started with online and face-to-face tutoring services. By partnering with schools and local Israeli municipalities we reached over 1 million students!


International language training

We got a contract with the Israeli Foreign Ministry to establish an online school teaching Hebrew to the children of Israeli delegates worldwide.


Hebrew courses for all

After the success of our government partnership, our Hebrew language course goes public, and we sign up 250 students in the first year.


Rosen School of Hebrew

The school is established in honor of the founders’ grandfather, Aharon Rosen, a pioneer of Hebrew teaching. The school focused on teaching adults and reached tens of thousands of students worldwide.


Expanding language teaching

We launched Highway to English and eTeacher Chinese. With English teachers from the USA and Chinese teachers from Beijing, our marketshare increased.


Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

IIBS launched in collaboration with Dr. Ohad Cohen from the Hebrew University. Courses cover Biblical languages as well as general Biblical studies.


Entering new markets

We start a global marketing approach, by translating our courses for the Spanish, French and Russian markets.


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

After an extensive reviewing process, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem accredited certain IIBS courses – a great accomplishment!


Expanding into Brazil

We translated our content (sales, marketing, software etc.) to Portuguese and launched in Brazil. The South American market soon grew exponentially.


Reaching the South Korean market

eTeacher Group launched in South Korea by expanding into franchising. The franchisee gained access to our content and software in order to adapt courses for Korean students.


Coding for Kids

eTeacher Group merged with “Think Different” – a coding institution for kids. With a pedagogical approach to teach kids soft skills beyond coding, the institution stood out in the market.


Tekkie Uni launches

Building on the success achieved in Israel, we launched our online coding courses in France, South America, US, and the UK, teaching children around the world to code, create, and invent.


Tekkie Uni goes STEAM

With the success of our coding programs, we expanded our curriculum to include STEAM subjects. Robotics, video production, animation, chess and app development are launched.


Tekkie Uni expands

Tekkie Uni took its learning beyond courses and class time, offering an Innovation Lab that allowed students to develop their own projects.


Introducing asynchronous studies

We expanded on the success of Israel Institute of Biblical Studies by offering asynchronous, subscription-based online courses as developed by Israel Bible Center.


Langaroo - English for Kids

We realized the need for one-on-one English courses for children. Langaroo specializes in private, online lessons for children aged 5 – 11 taught by certified, native-speaking English teachers.

Want your course to go global?

eTeacher Group offers system development, creativity and effective logistics that will help you grow:

Team of teachers

We put a big emphasis on the role of the teacher in the online classroom to facilitate the learning process. Our criteria for teacher recruitment is strict and all teachers and instructors go through extensive training in order to align with our pedagogical approach.

Content Development

Our academic content development is handled by a dedicated team of subject matter experts. They research, write and do the instructional design for all our courses. Once this is done, all content is translated and localized for different languages and cultures.

Customer Acquisition

The eTeacher Group marketing team consists of over 50 employees. Our team are experts in various forms of marketing across a variety of channels and know-how to address different segments. All our marketing efforts are based on in-depth data and market research to ensure we attract different students across the world and retain our existing students.

Call center

Our sales teams and customer support teams offer an omnichannel solution in engaging with existing and potential students. We have four call centers, operating in different time zones, staffed with multi-lingual teams who are specialized in each of the different stages of sales and support.

Intelligent Cloud Systems

Our proprietary technology offers an integrated cloud-based CRM to support all the stages of the marketing process – from lead management to customer acquisition and customer support. The LMS (learner management system) and TMS (teacher management system) allow for streamlined processes during the content delivery process. We are proud of our business intelligence system that supports a data-driven approach to sales & marketing to maximize conversions and optimize processes.

Grow with eTeacher Group

We have a variety of solutions for your online school.

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It’s all about the teacher

At eTeacher Group, the instructor is a key element in student engagement and success.

That’s why we have high criteria for teacher recruitment. eTeacher Group invests in its instructors’ training so that they may master their technique in an online environment. It’s not enough to be a qualified teacher; we look for charismatic individuals who provide not only content-driven instruction but also the inspiration students need to maximize their potential.

We operate in two major education fields

STEAM education

STEAM education is the new literacy. This led us to create a virtual school focused on giving kids not just knowledge but actual skills they will use in every aspect of their lives.

About STEAM education schools

Language instruction

We believe that language - whether ancient or modern - is the most powerful knowledge one can use to integrate into novel environments and learn about other cultures.

About language instructions schools

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