Leading the online education revolution

We’ve taken the lead in making online learning scalable worldwide for over 2 decades. By leveraging tried and tested pedagogical models and a cutting-edge cloud-based technology platform, we offer real-time private and small group instruction for children and adults.

Our aim is to become the disruptors of the future of digital learning. With our passion of transforming the landscape of education using breakthrough technology, we’ll make the highest quality online schooling accessible to all, through global teacher empowerment.

Harel Tayeb

Meet our team

At the helm of our new leadership are top-notch experts with a proven track record of success in their respective fields, with a passionate commitment to the delivery of education.

Talya Benyamini


Talya has held key positions in some of the world’s most reputable companies including 888, Microsoft and Live Pearson. She’s established an impressive track record growing business over the past 15 years.

Asi Moyal


Asi has 25 years of experience as a business manager previously at Microsoft, Ness and Cellcom. His area of expertise includes sales, operations, business development and customer success.

Eyal Feldman


Eyal’s experience was cultivated in the tech industry and has amassed vast knowledge in scaling up a number of global growth companies over the past 15 years including Zerto, Signal Analytics, and Gloat.

Keren Ziv

Chief of Staff

Keren has honed a set of skills that enabled her to work directly with the CEOs of reputable companies such as Kyron and AVG. She’s carved out a 15-year career path in executive leadership positions.

Claudio Sofonea

VP Product

An accomplished professional with over 10 years in the practice of launching digital products, Claudio has led Digital Product organizations at ING Bank, Oracle, and EA Sports to mention a few.

Ehud Ashkenazi

VP of Research and Development

Ehud has made his impact in the tech industry in software development for more than 15 years. He has helped to grow and evolve eTeacher Group’s tech platform throughout the years.

Michal Gerson Sobol

Chief People Officer

Michal is a global HR specialist with more than 20 years of involvement in HR leadership. Her career path includes roles in global tech companies like Microsoft, Kyron, and Cellcom.

What makes eTeacher unique?

Our comprehensive 360-degree approach stands at the forefront of education, redefining online learning at scale into an immersive, easily accessible, and engaging venture. We offer a spectrum of interactive possibilities driven by AI, technology, and pedagogical competence. By removing learning obstacles, we are enabling people around the world to access knowledge and relevant education that can truly change lives.

Pedagogical Excellence

• 600+ trained teachers who passionately deliver instruction customized to learners’ needs.

• Private and group synchronous lessons that ensure meaningful student engagement and lifetime value.

• Diverse class types, durations, and frequency that fit into learners’ schedules.

• 150+ courses in 6 languages offered in a cost-efficient and effective delivery model.

Product Leadership

• Innovative Admin enabling support for all teaching needs to scale up online education.

• Sophisticated Business Intelligence providing data for teachers and insights for student engagement.

• Powerful Learning Management System provides students access to course materials.

• Effective Teacher Management System guarantees ongoing communication between educators and learners.

• AI-powered personalization that empowers teachers in creating custom content.

Business Excellence

• 5 online proprietary schools.

• Scalability of small group and private classes leveraging breakthrough technology, pedagogical models and market expertise.

• Formidable sales and marketing force that drives sales, boost retention, and delivers outstanding 24/7 support.

• Multilingual team fluent in 6 languages catering global markets.

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It’s all about the teacher

At eTeacher Group, the instructor is a key element in student engagement and success.

That’s why we have high criteria for teacher recruitment. eTeacher Group invests in its instructors’ training so that they may master their technique in an online environment. It’s not enough to be a qualified teacher; we look for charismatic individuals who provide not only content-driven instruction but also the inspiration students need to maximize their potential.

We operate in two major education fields

STEAM education

STEAM education is the new literacy. This led us to create a virtual school focused on giving kids not just knowledge but actual skills they will use in every aspect of their lives.

About STEAM education schools

Language instruction

We believe that language - whether ancient or modern - is the most powerful knowledge one can use to integrate into novel environments and learn about other cultures.

About language instructions schools

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