New languages, new worlds

Our mission

Real-world application

We believe that language is the most powerful knowledge one can use to integrate into new environments and learn about other cultures. Our mission stems from the fact that learning a new language by oneself can be nearly impossible.

This informed our approach to the course content which focuses on teacher-led discussions around conversation, culture and contextually relevant topics. What does this mean for the student? Not only do they learn faster, but they learn in a natural way which enables organic adoption of a new language.

What we value


Learning a new language requires high engagement and practice. That is why we developed a supportive environment that will help students stay motivated. We focus on a dynamic interaction between student and teacher to build rapport and confidence. Every student is supported in order to cross the finish line.

Our methodology

Immersive language instruction

Our language courses are structured to guide students through a comprehensive method of learning. Immersive language instruction means we teach in the language (e.g. English in English, Hebrew in Hebrew, etc.). All the courses are taught by professional and qualified teachers in small classes or one-on-one lessons.

Core components
for effective online learning


We recruit qualified teachers who are native speakers in the language of instruction and give them intensive training about our curriculum.


Structured and customized for engaging students in online lessons with an emphasis on real-world conversation.

Learning together

Our learning environment is built around small group classes to increase motivation. We also offer 24\7 tech support, student forums and practice sessions.

Our language schools

Langaroo offers children aged 5 to 11 private online English lessons with certified, native-speaking English teachers.

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We teach adults real-world English, that can be applied in every aspect of their life with qualified, native English teachers.

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The Rosen School of Hebrew combines linguistic expertise with Israeli culture, using the immersive “Hebrew in Hebrew” learning method.

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We empower students to gain a deeper understanding of Scripture by studying the original languages the Bible was written in - Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

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