Combining Leadership and Technology

September 1, 2016

Coding and programming aren’t for adults anymore. These days, building a stable, successful, and long-lasting career is directly tied to your technical knowledge, and more and more startup founders are in their twenties because they learned to code at a young age.

eTeacher Group is proud to announce our new school: The Technological Leadership Development Center

It’s More Than Just Technology

We believe in combining leadership and technology, which is why we teach our students more than simply coding. We teach them how to be part of a team and how to lead a team, how to come up with new and innovative ideas and how to present them, and how to lead their own project from start to finish.

At the Technological Leadership Development Center, students develop their leadership and technological skills and start an exciting journey that combines creativity and innovation.

What They Learn

We offer many different types of Mobile App Coding courses, workshops, and programs for children. This includes coming up with the idea, designing it, coding it, and installing it on their smartphones to test out and use. Courses start at beginners and go up to advanced. Students who complete all levels will learn how to think of new ideas and shape them into a product, and will have all of the tools they need to build their own app from scratch and even lead a team of developers!

Supportive and Innovative Learning Environment

Children spend more and more time in front of screens these days. They might as well be doing something educational while they’re at it. Courses at the Technological Leadership Development Center allow your kids to learn from their own space at home while benefiting from a live classroom experience with video streaming and real-time communication with their teacher and fellow classmates. For more information, visit our website.

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